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Culture and Recreation


The City Culture and Art Centre (MOKiS) in Oleśnica is the main cultural centre in our city which for over seventy years now has organized access to culture and art to our inhabitants, has educated and animated the local community.

Cinema and concert hall

The main MOKiS seat is located in the building at ul. J. Kochanowskiego 4. It houses a large cinema and concert hall for 300 persons which is equipped with professional digital cinema and high quality sound system where cinema sessions as part of the KINA MOKIS take place and offer a very diversified repertoire. Numerous concerts, performances, cabarets and exhibitions of both local, state and international artists. The cinema and concert hall are also rented for numerous events organized by public institutions, schools and local government organizations.

Budynek MOKIS w Oleśnicy

The main MOKiS building also houses workshops. As part of a very varied cultural and artistic offer, MOKiS organized art, theatre, dancing and development classes for children, teenagers and adults which are conducted by professional instructors - often local artists.

Meet the History House

The Oleśnica Meet the History House at ul. Bociania 11 is a unit of MOKIS whose objective is to popularize knowledge about local history and cultural heritage by organization of museum classes, organization of exhibitions and sale of publications and promotional articles connected with Oleśnica. It also supports aficionados of local history by providing area for the meetings of collectors.

The City Culture and Art Centre in Oleśnica accomplishes its objectives also in the 14th century monumental Wrocław Gate which is located at ul. Wrocławska and is used as an exhibition space.

During its long-term activity MOKiS has organized cyclical cultural events such as:

  • Oleśnica Days
  • Europe Days
  • International Organ Music Festival
  • Museums Night
  • SKWEREK International Puppet Theatre Festival
  • Easter and Christmas Fair
  • Oleśnica people for the Oleśnica people concerts

MOKiS also supports many cultural initiatives organized by local organizations such as Circus and Artistic OFCA Festival organized by the OFCA Foundation (https://festiwalofca.pl/).
It also is a co-organizer of many valued initiatives: Live Library in Oleśnica (https://www.facebook.com/ZywaBibliotekaOlesnica/) and Glass Ceiling Smashing Centre (https://www.facebook.com/RozbijalniaSzklanychSufitow/).

Sport and Recreation

ATOL is the richest Recreation Centre in the Lower Silesia.
It offers a diversified and attractive offer.

It is designated for anyone regardless of age, sex or physical ability. The top-quality services are provided all-year-long just to ensure fitness improvement, relax and fun. We encourage you to take care of your fitness and spend time actively!

OKR Atol is also the Oleśnica sporting infrastructure.

We have a sports hall with an indoor multi-functional pitch, athletic stadium with pitches both with natural and artificial surface. We offer season tickets and vouchers to adjust to the needs of our clients. In our facilities, apart from the client-friendly season tickets and vouchers we offer cards provided by Benefit Systems, Fit-Profit, Ok System and Oleśnica Big Family Card.

We also use the Internet booking system. Easy booking is provided through latwa-rezerwacja.pl/okratol where we can book squash, tennis courts and table tennis tables (which are available when no other sessions are taking place in the fitness hall).

Strona internetowa OKR Atol

The Atol Complex offers:

  • Aquapark
  • Indoor swimming pool with a sauna
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Sauna with a Salt Cave
  • Solarium
  • Gym
  • Fitness
  • Squash
  • Tennis
  • Table tennis
  • Atol City Playground and Climbing Wall
  • Skating rink
  • “Atol Park” Marina
  • Massage and Physiotherapy Centre
  • Stadium and Sports Hall

Front budynku Atol

Swimming-pool complex comprising:

  • indoor swimming-pool at ul. Brzozowa 7, sports (25m length) and recreational with additional attractions:
    • ​water massage - side, bottom, deck, water jets, wild river
    • wading pool and a waterfall imitation
    • jacuzzi
    • slides
    • sauna complex
  • Summer complex at ul. Spacerowa 20 (open in summer) which is composed of heated water: sports - depth from 1.35m to 1.80 measuring 25x12.5m and recreational (28.4x23.3) and also additional attractions:
    • wading pool
    • slides, fountains
    • playground
    • beach volleyball pitch

The whole swimming-pool area is surrounded by lots of greenery, there is also deck area with sand and grill bar in the summer swimming pool area.

Grota solna w strefie SPA 

Sauna and SPA facility

In the complex at ul. Spacerowa 20 we offer Sauna and SPA area where you can use:

  • Finnish dry sauna
  • Finnish wet sauna
  • Steam sauna
  • Salt cave
  • Relax area
  • Solarium

Massage centre

There is a massage centre in the Sauna and SPA facility. It offers:

  • relaxation massages
  • rehabilitation and sport massages


We offer comfortable conditions and nice atmosphere to our clients. A wide range of machines and weights allows for various training variants.

You can benefit from personal trainer’s consultations, then the training plan is adjusted to the client’s needs.

Apart from a selection of exercises, a trainer may prescribe a special customized diet to support achievement of the client’s objectives.


The fitness area is equipped with an air-conditioned fitness hall with speakers and a wide range of equipment. The training offer is extensive so that everyone can find appropriate type of activity. It is also possible to use the table tennis in the fitness hall. One can come to the training sessions on a one-off basis or buy a season ticket.

Additional classes:

  • Indoor cycling
  • Step Aerobic Fitball
  • TBC (Total Body Conditioning) - modelling of the whole body together with aerobic training (usually fast rhythm music) with strengthening exercises (with the use of band, dumbbells, steps available in the fitness hall - may be used with slower rhythm music).
  • Joga
  • Pilates
  • Cardio&abdomen
  • Stretching.


We have two modern, full-size squash pitches which ensure optimal conditions for play for professional players and persons who has just started playing squash. All those who would like to try playing squash and do not have proper gear, can borrow gear there.


Within the facility, there are three, full-size clay courts and a training wall. The courts are equipped with lights which allows for training in the evening.

Atol City

In summer we launch Atol-City - Playground located at ul. Spacerowa 20. We provide a trampoline, pumped castles, “jungle” and ball pools, small houses, huts, large construction blocks, small vehicles, billiard table and many others.

Climbing wall

Climbing walls in the Oleśnica Atol Recreational Centre (ul. Brzozowa 7) offers climbing routes with difficulty ranging from IV to VI.3. It means that the attraction may be used both by children, beginners and advanced climbers. The most ambitious climbers may train at the wall for breaking speed climbing world records.

If you do not have your own climbing gear, you can borrow one on the site. It is worth remembering that in order to climb safely, there must be a belaying person therefore during the season there will be an operator who will show how to use the walls safely.

Skating rink

Winter attraction for the whole family. Both for those who treat skating as a recreation activity and who train skating. Skating with good music is a great alternative for autumn and winter boredom. There is a gear rental at the rink. We also offer skate sharpening services.

Atol Park Marina

Canoe and water bikes rental are located at City Ponds at ul. Spacerowa in Oleśnica. We offer a wide range of water gear.

hala sportowa oleśnica

Sports hall

It is a modern centre located at Kochanowskiego 22 with complete sanitary facilities without any architectural barriers which is adapted to team sports accommodating 790 audience places.

Participants may use full-size volleyball, basketball, handball, hall football and badminton pitches. It is possible to divide the hall with curtains into 3 training areas for basketball and volleyball. We offer rental of Sports Hall facilities for sporting, performance and conference events.

We also offer out-door tennis court and multi-functional out-door pitch which comprises:

  • 40x20m pitch of specialized polyurethane surface equipped with 2 goals
  • full-size volleyball pitch

There are many sports sections in the facility: judo, volleyball, table tennis, basketball, tennis, handball and martial arts.

Stadion sportowy Oleśnica


The city stadium is a modern sports facility which comprises:

  • 6 running tracks - 400m with bituminous surface including 8 tracks for sprinters of 110m and athlete zone
  • football pitch with a natural surface, large measuring 94m x 63m and a small one measuring 70m x 35m
  • football pitch with artificial surface of the measurements: 90m x 51.5m
  • high jump track, long jump track and triple jump track, shot put, javelin throw track, discus and hammer throw track, pole vault
  • audience stands for 1734 people
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