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Infrastruktura miejska grafika

City infrastructure

  • Green areas: 6 parks
  • Health centres: 1 hospital, 6 outpatient health centres, 1 emergency service, 20 chemist’s.
  • Education: 13 nurseries, 18 kindergartens, 9 elementary schools, 16 general secondary schools, technical secondary schools and vocational schools

Infrastruktura drogowa grafika

Road infrastructure

  • municipality roads in the district - hard surface 347.9 km, modernized hard surface 317.8 km,
  • district roads - hard surface 452.7 km, modernized hard surface 449.4 km
  • State road - S8 state express road
  • Provincial road - 451 provincial road, 340 provincial road, 368 provincial road, 373 provincial road

Infrastruktura techniczna grafika

Technical infrastructure


Sieć wodociągowa / Sieć kanalizacyjna ikona Waterworks/sewage system

MiejskaGospodarkaKomunalna Sp. z o.o. is responsible for providing households with water and for sewage disposal.

Pobór, produkcja i dystrybucja wody ikona Water supply, production and distribution

Oleśnica City is supplied with water from twelve underground water wells. The depth of the wells ranges from 28 m to 170 m.

The water is treated for the city by 3 treatment station: at Brzozowa, Dobroszycka and Ciepła streets. The Oleśnica waterworks is supplied from 4 water retention reservoirs: 2 x 2000 m3 (SUWDobroszycka), 425m3 (SUWBrzozowa) and 350 m3 (water tower). The length of the waterwork is 116.7 km (including 106 km of the distribution network and 10.7 km of the main works).

Odbiór ścieków ikona Sewage collection

Household sewage is disposed along gravitation canals of the diameter: DN 150 to DN 1200 at the outlet of the sewage treatment station. Currently, there are 10 active sewage pumping stations together with the pressure sewage system sections in the city. The length of the sewage system is 94.3 km (including 88.0 km of gravitation sewage system and 6.3 km of pressure sewage system).

Currently, ZakładWodociągów i Kanalizacji MGK Sp. z o.o. does not manage rainwater drainage system. Road managers and land owners are responsible for maintenance of the street drains.

Oczyszczalnia ścieków ikona Sewage treatment plants

City sewage treatment plant has worked since 1996 and is a mechanical and biological treatment plant with an increased rate of nutrients removal. Annually, we collect and treat approx. 1988 thousand m3. As a result of continuous modernisation, thanks to a modern plant equipment we control the technological process and strive to achieve high quality of disposed sewage.

Wytwarzanie, przesył i dystrybucja ciepła ikona Heat production, transmission and distribution

MGK company is responsible for heat production, transmission and distribution. The existing heat network is supplied from the heat plant at ul. Ciepła 2 in Oleśnica where 4 WR-10 boilers are installed.

MGK is responsible for supply of clean, reliable and safe heat to inhabitants, enterprises and institutions in the city while observing environmental protection at competitive prices.
We fulfil this task by investing for many years in modern technologies and developing the heating system. The company monitors and supervises operation of more than 155 heating substations among which more than half is a pre-insulated network.

Energia Elektryczna ikona Electricity

Power companies participate in electricity supply to the inhabitants of Oleśnica City and Municipality which produce, transfer and distribute electricity.

Gaz ikona Gas

PSG Sp. z o.o. supplies natural gas to recipients in Oleśnica through the medium and low pressure networks. Gas connection rate in the municipality amounts to 78.37 %.

Sieć telekomunikacyjna ikona Telecommunication network

Base stations are connected to the operator networks through transmission equipment, usually through copper and optical fibre. Cable line are constantly modernized. The existing operator telecommunication networks: Orange S.A., Oxylion S.A. and Onefone S.A.

Infrastruktura transportowa ikona Transport infrastructure:

Transport accessibility is the most important factor in attractiveness of each city. There are no barriers as regards transport accessibility of Oleśnica City and Municipality.

Oleśnica City and Municipality is located in an important communication point where Oleśnica station is located. Oleśnica has a large railway siding (commodity group). A line to Kępno and Kluczbork through Bierutów and Namysłów goes through the station.
The S8 Motorway Bypass goes through Oleśnica City and Municipality and provincial roads no. 451, 340, 368 and 373. 54 km to the west from Oleśnica there is A4 motorway and approx. 200 km north A2 motorway and approx. 200 km to the north A1 motorway.

30 km from Oleśnica City and Municipality there is a large Wrocław agglomeration with an international airport.

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