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City support

Investor Service Point support consisting in:

  • compilation of information on available investment locations by providing access to search the base in the Internet, providing example locations;
  • providing information to entrepreneurs/investors including assistance in obtaining additional information on provisions concerning real property taxes, presentation of the investment offer of the municipality;
  • organisation of walk-over visits in the investment areas in the municipality;
  • compilation of information on business entities in the municipality searching for an investor, on potential suppliers by sectors; provision of commercial information on the municipality to interested investors;
  • description of instruments supporting business development, available investment incentives offered in the region and nationally and indication of competent institutions for particular instruments by providing contact data and their characteristics and competences;
  • assisting investors in necessary administrative and legal procedures on the municipality level during their investment projects;
  • initiating contacts between businesses and entities supporting economic development in the municipality, suitable for the needs of a potential investor;
  • ensuring post-investment support for businesses (also supporting businesses which already operate in the municipality)

Cooperation with Dolnośląska Agencja Współpracy Gospodarczej Sp. z o.o. (DAWG)

  • DAWG is a certified regional partner of Polska Agencja Investycji i Handlu S.A. (PAIH). Oleśnica City and Municipality cooperates with DAWG and participates in the project of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration entitled: “Implementation of investor service standards in the local government of the Lower Silesia Province” which is carried out by Dolnośląska Agencja Współpracy Gospodarczej Sp. z o.o. jointly with ARAW S.A.
  • Investor Service Points have been established in the course of the projectwithin the structure of the local government units located within the limits of the Lower Silesia Province and are responsible for providing services to investors and post-investment support.
  • The objectives of the Investor Service Points are to standardize investor services in order to strengthen and supplement the investment offer of the Lower Silesia Province, including Oleśnica City and Municipality.
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